I choose Hulu+ over Netflix

I used to be a huge Netflix fan, especially when their streaming service became available on Apple TV. Then Hulu+ was launched on AppleTV. I took it for a spin and now find myself watching Hulu+ far more than Netflix.

The problem with Netflix is that lack of regularly published content. I could subscribe to Netflix streaming services once every six months, watch all of the new stuff for a month, drop the subscription, and not miss a beat.

Netflix needs to figure out some sort of periodical content, like a weekly television show, to get people hooked and coming back. If they continue randomly pumping huge swaths of content as they sign random content distribution deals, they’ll be nothing more than a super sized collection of stale content that I’ve already watched.

Until the day Netflix offers up compelling periodical content that keeps me coming back regularly, I’ll be hooked on Hulu+.