Starship coverage

Did you know that SpaceX is building the biggest rocket in the world to get humans to Mars? It’s a really exciting time to be alive, and even more exciting for future astronauts:

Future astronaut

Sadly traditional media outlets barely cover these profound developments, but there is a great community of passionate people who are doing an amazing job covering these developments.

Where do you start?

Everyday Astronaut

Tim Dodd has the best coverage of SpaceX and the space industry at large. He covers Starship launches live, dives deep on narrow topics, and releases videos about once a week on YouTube.

If you can only pick one link to follow along with Starship, subscribe to Tim’s YouTube channel.

Marcus House

Marcus regularly releases videos that give updates on Starship, RocketLabs, and other developments in the space launch industry. You’ll get a few things out of Marcus’s content that Tim doesn’t cover.

Scott Manley

Scott has some of the most interesting analyses from coverage of the videos above and content from the additional links below. His clips usually are around 10 minutes with topics that vary widely from week to week.

Brendan Lewis

Brendan creates these really awesome diagrams that show the current inventory and build progress of all Starship prototypes. For some reason, he only tweets the pictures instead of posting them on a website.

There’s even more great coverage of Starship that you can explore on your own: